Blackbelt Gobble Getter sources materials for its calls out of Alabama's Blackbelt.  Much of it sourced from family properties.  

Black Walnut

Walnut is at the core of our calls. 

Our premiere walnut is old growth walnut that we sourced from an almost forgotten woodshed, tucked back on a long logging road. The epicenter of a sawmill operation in the 1930s, the woodshed was the repository of lumber milled from the area’s largely virgin timber. Left in place for 75 years, we recovered this prime walnut and used it in our calls, inspiring a line of turkey calls that speaks with a level of depth born from the Blackbelt's past.     

We’ve long since churned through most of our premiere walnut. But we also source old growth walnut from other family properties located in the Blackbelt, and we source walnut from local mills in the area when available. All of it stored and aged in that same woodshed, informing the same indescribable sound that can only come from our special corner of the world.  

Mock Orange

Sometimes referred to as osage or bowdark, we call it mock orange here. The mock orange for our strikers comes from 150-year-old fence posts reclaimed from our Blackbelt prairies—where the dark, rich soil gives issue to the Blackbelt’s name and where the mock orange tree grows naturally and prolifically. Mock orange is known as a difficult woodworking material, but the effort involved pays dividends, resulting in hard strikers that give an edge to slate calls and a high whine to glass calls.    

Alternative Sources

Perfection doesn’t just come out of the Blackbelt—other parts of the world sometimes have something to offer. Just sometimes. With reluctant recognition of that, we also source materials from outside our perfect corner of world.  But the Blackbelt remains at our core, is who we are, and remains the soul of our calls.